Designer Clips To Keep Belongings Safe

5 May 2015, 06:00

The next time you head out drinking and eating in Peterborough you can enjoy yourselves knowing bags and belongings are more secure - thanks to something called the "Chelsea Clip".

The SaferPeterborough partnership has provided 75 Chelsea Clips to six bars and cafes throughout the city centre to help secure belongings when people dine and drink.

The clips are designed to secure bags to the underside of tables, making it more difficult for opportunistic thieves to snatch bags.

Bewiched, Cafe Nero, Cafe Nova, Le Petit Four Francais, Sir Henry Royce and Solstice all received free clips from SaferPeterborough partnership. SaferPeterborough partnership now wants other premises to consider investing in Chelsea Clips for the safety of their customers' belongings.

Beverley Makin, crime reduction officer for SaferPeterborough partnership, said:

"We were happy to invest in Chelsea Clips and provide them free of charge to businesses in Peterborough as they are a proven and cost effective way of reducing bag theft. The SaferPeterborough partnership is committed to keeping Peterborough a pleasant and safe place for residents and visitors to enjoy an evening out."

SaferPeterborough say you can reduce your risk of pick-pocketing and bag theft by:

  • Ensuring that handbags can be fully sealed. Carry your bag close to you, either across the body or under your shoulder with the zip facing forwards
  • Taking only the minimum number of plastic cards and money with you that you require for the day
  • Never keeping your bank PIN with your purse/wallet. PIN's are easy to change to a number you could remember, just ask your bank to help if you need
  • Not allowing yourself to be distracted at a cash machine, ensure that you are aware of who is around you when using a machine and ensure that your cash has been put away safely
  • Not using your smartphone to provide the answer if asked for the time
  • Not allowing anyone else to use your phone
  • Leaving your bag on the empty seat next to you, or worse on the floor, when sat in either coffee shops or on public benches