Equipment Amnesty For North West Anglia NHS Trust

31 January 2018, 10:34

Walking frame lent from hospital

If you've been lent medical equipment from the hospital, and you don't need to use it any more, please give it back!

This from the NHS Trust behind Peterborough, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford Hospitals - who say non-returned items are costing them a small fortune.

Katie Hill is from Rehabilitation Services at North West Anglia, and told Heart what stuff they're missing:

"Walking aids - like frames, sticks and crutches. Please bring back any commodes or perching stools too!

"We're also trying to get back other medical equipment that you might have been sent home with - but now you don't need - like nebulisers and pressure care cushions."

A pair of crutches costs North West Anglia NHS Trust approximately £5 to order - but when they give out more than 10,000 rehab aids a year, and 10-15% of them don't come back, the deficit really starts to mount up.

They stress it doesn't matter where your unused equipment came from; they will take responsibility for getting it back there. All equipment, where still usable, will be cleaned up and put back into circulation - and there won't be any questions asked when you turn up with it.

Katie added: "We think people have the best of intentions, but sometimes things get put to the side, and before you know it a long time has passed.

"Sometimes people feel like they can't return an item if they've had it for ages - but it's ok; you definitely can.

"We only have a certain amount of stock, and we have to purchase that ourselves as an NHS Trust.

"For everything that doesn't come back, we have to buy more. If we can save that money, it can go elsewhere."

North West Anglia NHS Trust's equipment amnesty will run for another three weeks.

The drop-off point at Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough City Hospitals is the main reception.

At Stamford Hospital, it's the Physiotherapy department.