Flooded Cambridge Cat Rehoming Centre Gets £10,500 In Donations

24 July 2015, 06:01

In just one week, more than £10,500 has been donated to a cats rehoming centre in Cambridge that was flooded, during storms.

Staff at the BlueCross centre Garlic Row say they can't believe how generous people have been since last Friday.

They've also received hundreds of deliveries of things like cat scratching posts - that were ruined.

Claire Thomas, who works there - says the cats are doing surprisingly ok now, "I think some of them are a little bit grumpy after their ordeal, which is understandable, but thankfully none of them were hurt.

"We're doing great though we've recovered well, considering a week ago I walked in and it was awful, there was sludge everywhere.

"We're so grateful for all the support we've had. it's been incredible. We've had deliveries every day of donations for the cats.

"As well as the money we've raised on JustGiving, we've had loads of things like scratching posts delivered, which were totally ruined last week, when they were just saturated with dirty water. We've managed to replace all of those now, which is brilliant. We also are getting things like treats for the cats, toys and catnip.

"The money will go to the running costs of our centre, and other centres like ours."

Claire also showed me the room where there deliveries are being stored. She said the most they recieved in one day, was 107.

"We've had an incredible response! The first day we had 35, which we thought was a lot, but the next day we got 107! That's a lot of boxes to open!"