HGV Drivers Illegally Napping On The Rise In Cambs

23 August 2016, 23:11 | Updated: 23 August 2016, 23:19

Cambridgeshire Police have told Heart the number of lorry drivers taking breaks on our roads is becoming more and more of a problem.

Roads like the A1M which is technically a motorway - or the M11 - have rules saying hard shoulders can only be used emergencies. 

But Sgt Ian Mangley tells us they're finding more and more foreign drivers are taking their breaks or even having their naps on the sides of our busiest or most dangerous roads

"At night on an unlit section of motorway a vehicle parked on a hard shoulder causes an issue, a safety issue.

Sections of road, predominantly motorways at 70mph into the back of a Heavy Good Vehicle, is going to cause a real issue."

Chris Rampley from the Peterborough based national Road Haulage Association tells Heart:

"These drivers have strict working hours they have to meet adding they're aren't enough legal places for them to stop.

There's always been a problem but I think it has peaked and we are seeing more and more drivers running out of "drivers hours" and therefore just stopping wherever they can...

.. because the legalisation says, you're not allowed to run over your hours and you can get penalties for exceeding your hours."