It's Bye-Bye Weekly Bin Collection For Some Cambridge Residents

28 July 2017, 07:51 | Updated: 28 July 2017, 07:54

Underground Waste - Cambridge

By Bev Rimmer

A new innovative waste system in Cambridge means residents no longer have to leave their bins out for collection.

Anyone living in the University's new district, Eddington, simply sends rubbish down chutes into an underground chamber.

A sensor tells collectors when it's full and needs picking up.

Michael Parsons is Waste Operations manager for the area. He says it's the future of waste collection.

Michael told Heart: "It's something we're keen to work on with developers.

"Residents don't need to know what day their bin collection should be.

"There's less space required for the underground bins.

"Aesthetically, it looks nice, and there's hardly any smell because of where the waste is kept."