Last Chance To Have Say On Cambridge Congestion

8 October 2016, 07:22 | Updated: 8 October 2016, 08:38

The City Deal, who are promising an 8-point plan to cut the number of cars on the city streets, have also proposed a second Busway in recent weeks and are looking at adding more cycle lanes to main roads.

Earlier this week, traders and residents of some key streets, like Mill Road and East Road, marched in protest over plans to restrict traffic on them in peak hours.

They say it'll affect school runs and deliveries to businesses there. 

Hilary Holden, from the City Deal is leading on congestion easing.

She's been telling Heart what's actually in the 8-point plan: "Better buses, improvements to park and rides, and an expansion of that service.

"We'll look at the cost of bus fares too. Higher-volume cycle corridors are important, as is making Cambridge's air quality better.

"We need to make sure we have growth in the city without growing congestion."

There are also plans to run more buses later into the evening and to more villages, along with suggestions another Busway could benefit. 

A workplace parking levy is one way that's been suggested to raise money to be able to orchestrate some of the other ideas.

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