Man Dies In Haverhill Crash

15 September 2018, 05:57 | Updated: 17 September 2018, 06:08

Generic Police Pic

A 74-year-old man who was involved in a road traffic collision in Haverhill at the end of last month has died.

The incident occurred at around 10.15am on Friday 31 August in Lord’s Croft Lane.

A silver Ford Focus was exiting the Tesco car park when it veered onto the other side of the road, mounted the pavement, went across the roundabout and then collided with a black Ford Focus on the pedestrian crossing. 

It then continued across the road and went through a fence, colliding with a grey Mitsubishi Outlander which was parked on the other side.

Charles Lilley, from Moulton, who was driving the silver Ford Focus, was flown by Air Ambulance to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for treatment following this incident, where he sadly died on Monday 10 September. 

Police enquiries into this incident are ongoing and it is not clear at this time whether Mr Lilley died as a result of the collision or due to a medical episode prior to it. 

The driver and passenger of the black Ford Focus were taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for treatment, with the male driver sustaining cracked ribs and a cracked sternum as a result of this collision.