Money Set Aside To Tackle Terrorism In Cambridge

20 January 2015, 06:29 | Updated: 20 January 2015, 06:35

Money has been set aside to help tackle the threat of terrorism in Cambridge.

A range of initiatives aimed at making Cambridge a safer city are included in budget proposals for 2015, published by Cambridge City Council.

The council's Budget Setting Report sets out proposals which, if approved by councillors, will form the basis of the safer communities budget for 2015-16.

Initiatives aimed at supporting the work of the police to tackle anti-social behaviour and hate crime and to continue to support the work of the Community Safety Partnership are being proposed.

The report suggests continuing work across the council to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, with area committees setting local priorities and council teams tackling anti-social behaviour, noise, litter and other nuisance behaviour.  

In addition there are proposals for four additional projects working with police teams and voluntary organisations:  

1. The council will support the 'Prevent' initiative helping the police to respond to the ideological challenges arising from terrorism and the risks from extremism, in a generally safe city;

2. There are proposals to launch the 'White Ribbon Campaign' to tackle domestic abuse through involving men and boys in prevention activities, addressing social norms that lead to violent behaviour against women. The aim is to achieve White Ribbon status reflecting the commitment to working with the county council and police to raise awareness of the issues and to provide services aimed at reducing the incidents of domestic abuse, which Cllr Ann Sinnott is making a major contribution to, as 'Lead Councillor' on the initiatives;  

3. The budget also includes proposals to expand the Neighbourhood Resolution Panels in the city focusing on giving victims of low level crime and anti-social behaviour a say in the outcome of how offenders make amends for their wrongdoing;

4. Continuing to be active partners with the police in tackling violent crime in Abbey ward, supporting a new police initiative in one of the city's most deprived areas.

Cllr Lewis Herbert, Leader of the Council, said:  "We are very pleased that in spite of budget cutbacks, we will continue to deliver an excellent service to ensure that the city is a place where people are safer and feel safer, and also show consideration for each other.  

"We will continue to reduce harm and nuisance through education but also through robust enforcement of the law where necessary.  

"We have proposed in the council's annual budget making over £350,000 available to enable the continuation of safer community work with the police, voluntary sector and our partner agencies to make Cambridge a safer, tolerant and inclusive city."

The Cambridge city Area Commander, Superintendent Vicky Skeels, said: "For many years we have actively and successfully worked with the city council and other partners to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Cambridge and to reduce community harm.  

"We are very pleased to see that the council is proposing to continue to prioritise this work and to make major resources available for doing so."

Full Council will discuss the Budget Setting Report on 26 February.