More Rubbish Bins For Peterborough

15 June 2015, 08:40 | Updated: 15 June 2015, 08:46

Peterborough City Council invests in over 40,000 litres of extra bins across the city.

Responding to resident's requests for extra bins, the city council, in partnership with Amey, is replacing over 350, 60 litre bins across the city with much larger 180 litre alternatives. The new bins will make a noticeable difference across the city, almost trebling capacity in most areas. There are now even fewer reasons for residents to litter meaning the city should soon be cleaner as a result.

The bins will be installed city-wide, meaning all shopping centres and business districts should benefit, with particular attention paid to high use areas. Bins are already in place but the complete roll out is expected to take several weeks.

The installation of the new bins supports Peterborough City Council's Cleaner Greener campaign, aiming to keep the city streets clean and free of waste.

Councillor Gavin Elsey, cabinet member for digital, waste and streetscene, said: "Adding extra bin capacity is a simple and cost effective way we can help people keep the city's streets clean and tidy. We're committed to keeping Peterborough looking smart so I hope residents and visitors appreciate the new bins and they get plenty of use!"