New Year's Honours in Cambridgeshire

30 December 2015, 22:30

Full details of those given awards in the New Year's Honours List have been published tonight (Wednesday, 30th December).


Professor David MacKay. Regius Professor of Engineering, Cambridge University Engineering Department. For services to Scientific Advice in Government and Science Outreach. (Cambridgeshire)


Professor David Compston. Professor of Neurology, University of Cambridge. For services to Multiple Sclerosis Treatment. (Cambridgeshire)

Air Commodore Martin Doel, OBE. Chief executive, Association of Colleges. For services to Further Education. (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire)

Professor Peter Matthews, OBE. Chair, Natural Resources Wales. For services to Environmental Management. (Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire)


Neil Bentley. Head of Specialist Microbiology Technical Services, Public Health England. For services to Public Health. (Burwell, Cambridgeshire)

Lynn Churchman. Founding Trustee, National Numeracy. For services to Maths and Numeracy Education. (Elsworth, Cambridgeshire)

Professor Helen Odell-Miller. Professor of Music Therapy and director Music Therapy Research Centre, Anglia Ruskin University. For services to Music Therapy. (Trumpington, Cambridgeshire)

Dr Patricia Mucavele. Head of Nutrition, Children's Food Trust Charity. For services to Children and Families and to charity. (Wisbech)

Sally Peck. For services to the community through Education and Sport in Bedford and the Eastern Region. (St. Neots)

John Raine. Head, Port Loko District Ebola Response Centre, Sierra Leone. For services to the Ebola Crisis Response in West Africa. (Cambridgeshire)

Dr Emily Shuckburgh. For services to Science and Public Communication of Science. (Cambridgeshire)


Dr Rachel Furley. Paediatrician, Cambridgeshire. For services to Sick and Disabled Children in the UK and Belarus. (Linton)

Kathleen Gilbert. Foster Carer, Peterborough City Council. For services to Children and Families. (Peterborough)

Philip Gilbert. Foster Carer, Peterborough City Council. For services to Children and Families. (Peterborough)

Adrian Koe. For voluntary service to Young People through the Downside Fisher Youth Club Bermondsey, London. (Barton)

Dr Jayshree Mehta. President, Bharat Hindu Samaj, the Hindu Temple and Chair, Sangam Indian Women's Association, Peterborough. For services to the community and Community Cohesion in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. (Peterborough)

Linda Robinson. Co-Founder and Senior Co-ordinator, The Home-Start Scheme, Uttlesford. For services to Children and Families. (Saffron Walden)

Michael Seabourne. Formerly National vice chairman, Royal Military Police Association. For voluntary service to Armed Forces Personnel and their Families. (Peterborough)

Clare Sutcliffe. Founder and chief executive, Code Club. For services to Technology Education. (Cambridge)

Anne-Marie Evans. For services to Botanical Art and Education. (Stamford)

Bryan Robinson. For services to the community in Donington Lincolnshire. (Spalding)


Patricia Easthope. For voluntary services to the community in Royston, Hertfordshire. (Thriplow)

Patricia Glazebrook. Vice president, Sick Children's Trust. For services to Sick Children and their Families in Cambridge.

Donald Hollands. For services to the community in Wimpole, Cambridgeshire. (Wimpole, Cambridgeshire)

Violet Razzell. For services to Healthcare and the community in Perry, Cambridgeshire. (Huntingdon)

Anthony Ingle. For voluntary and charitable services to the community in Cambridgeshire through Church Music.

Dorothy Alexander. For services to the community in Bourne, Lincolnshire. (Bourne)

Stuart Bell. For services to the community in Lincolnshire. (Lincolnshire)

Richard King. Retained Watch manager, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service. For services to Fire and Rescue and to Emergency Medical Care. (Spalding)