Peterborough - Christmas Bus Crash Driver Fined

6 September 2016, 12:33 | Updated: 6 September 2016, 12:36

A driver who crashed into a bus sending it across a pavement in Peterborough - and into the side of the Guide Dogs For The Blind Building on Christmas Eve, has been sentenced.

The crash left 13 people being injured, including a woman who suffered cracked ribs, and "substantial damage" when the single-decker bus struck the building.

Magistrates said that "one mistake" by 46 year-old Yasmin Kauser, normally a careful driver, had caused the accident, which happened shortly before midday.

She admitted a single count of careless driving at an earlier hearing at Peterborough Magistrates' Court and was fined and had her licence endorsed with six penalty points on Tuesday.

Graham Allen, prosecuting, described the crash on December 24 last year as a "serious injury road traffic collision".

Kauser drove a Kia Sportage along Church Walk, failed to stop at a T-junction and hit the side of a single-decker bus driving along Broadway which had right of way, Mr Allen said.

"She has emerged onto Broadway without stopping and has collided with the nearside of the bus," he said. "There's a significant impact and both vehicles have then moved to the east side of Broadway, leaving the carriageway and mounting the pavement.

"This has caused the bus to collide with the shop front causing substantial damage.''

He added: "She has pulled out without stopping or slowing."

The driver of the bus and passengers suffered slight injuries and one woman suffered cracked ribs, the court heard.

No pedestrians or people in the building were injured, the court was told.

Kauser, of Park Road, Peterborough, was assisted by an interpreter through the court hearing.

In mitigation, it was heard that she had been driving for 20 years and had a clean driving licence.

She suffered from the autoimmune disease lupus and made regular trips to Birmingham City Hospital, and her husband had been diagnosed with cancer and relied heavily on Kauser to drive him around, her solicitor said.

Alan Jones, chairman of the bench, said: "It is an unfortunate offence where one mistake has caused both injury and significant damage.

Your driving record suggests you're normally a careful driver and we are prepared to deal with this as a one-off incident rather than general bad driving."

Kauser's driving licence was endorsed with six penalty points and she was fined £92 and ordered to pay £105 in costs.