Peterborough City Council One Of Worst For Data Breaches

11 August 2015, 05:56 | Updated: 11 August 2015, 07:52

Peterborough City Council has been named as one of the worst authorities in the UK for data breaches.

Privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch says it's discovered shockingly lax attitudes to protecting confidential information, across the country.

It's found more than 4,000 breaches in 3 years.

Dan Nesbitt from the group says many were innocent cases though.

He says tougher rules need to be brought in, "We need to encourage the introduction of custodial sentences for the worst offenders, stealing large amounts if data, and at the lower levels, we need to see people being trained properly.

"It's worrying to see this level of data breaches within councils, because people hand over their data on the understanding it's going to be kept safe.

"A data breach can be anything like someone losing a sheet of paper, right up to something like a mobile phone or a laptop being stolen."

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said:

"The vast majority of breaches are very low in terms of the number of people affected, which illustrates how effective our reporting is. We have invested a lot of time into staff training to raise awareness, and this has led to a significant drop in breaches over the last 12 months.

"We treat the data we hold very seriously and will continue to take a tough approach on data breaches, acting quickly if a future breach occurs."

Here are the local authorities that reported the highest number of data breaches between April 1 2011 and April 1 2014, according to Big Brother Watch:

Brighton and Hove 190

Sandwell 187

Telford and Wrekin 175

Peterborough 160

Herefordshire 157

Glasgow City 128

Doncaster 106

Essex 106

Lincolnshire 103

Wolverhampton 100

Hammersmith and Fulham 99