Peterborough Hospital - Full To Bursting

7 April 2015, 17:22 | Updated: 7 April 2015, 17:24

Peterborough City Hospital declare "Major Internal Incident" after a busy Easter.

A Trust spokesperson said:

"Over the Easter bank holiday, Peterborough City Hospital has seen an extra 30 patients per day causing pressure on the Trust.

As a result of greater levels of emergency admissions and fewer patients being discharged, the Trust declared an internal major incident at 9.30am on Tuesday 7 April.

We are working closely with our community colleagues to relieve the pressure though there are patients within our emergency department that we are unable to allocate a hospital bed to in a timely way and we remain under sustained pressure.

Unless it is an emergency, we encourage people to Choose Well by seeing their pharmacist, GP or the Minor Illness and Injury Unit."