Peterborough: Licences For Ice Cream Vans

28 May 2012, 06:00

Ice cream vans across Peterborough are undergoing rigorous health and safety checks to ensure that they are fit to sell ice-cream to us this summer.

Peterborough City Council is introducing a plating system for all consented ice cream vans which operate within the Peterborough licensing area.

This plating system is similar to that of the licensed taxi and private hire vehicles and will only be issued to traders whose vehicles and drivers have undergone intensive checks.

Darren Dolby, Licensing Regulatory Officer at Peterborough City Council told Heart: "At present Peterborough has a total of 17 ice cream traders registered in the city and each of these will be undergoing such checks. The new licensing system gives traders the opportunity to add recognised value to their business and highlight to customers that they have been accredited as meeting all necessary standards."

Ice cream vans are required to be of roadworthy condition with full insurance and a valid MOT. All vans are registered with the city council and undergo regular food hygiene checks. The ice cream traders are all CRB vetted and checked to ensure they have a valid driving licence. Once all these checks are completed, they are issued with a council Ice Cream Trader badge which they must wear whilst working.  These checks are compulsory and all traders must complete the above checks to be able to sell ice creams in Peterborough.

Ice cream traders who sign up to the new plating system, which is not compulsory, will receive a blue council plate if they pass the required standard. This plate will then be fitted to the rear of the vehicle and will contain a unique trader two digit number as well as the vehicle registration number. The plates are currently being rolled out to all vans and it is anticipated that all consented vans will be plated by the 1 June 2012.

Councillor Peter Hiller, Cabinet Member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Planning, said told Heart: "The plating scheme has been introduced this year to reassure the public that ice cream vans which have a council plate have undergone checks to ensure that both the driver and the vehicle are fit and proper to sell ice cream in the Peterborough area. It also makes it easier for the public to identify ice cream vans should they wish to make a complaint about a trader.

Our main concern, is creating a safe and trusted system whereby the residents of Peterborough feel ice cream traders are monitored regularly in order to give people confidence in the services available to them- just in time for summer!"