Peterborough Third Worst In UK For Road Rage

9 July 2015, 07:27 | Updated: 9 July 2015, 07:42

Residents of Peterborough are the UK's third worst road rage culprits, according to new figures out this morning.

The "Privilege Driving Report" shows 46% of people nationally have regularly experienced road rage, but in taking the number 3 spot Peterborough comes in much higher than this at 54%.

According to the study drivers in Peterborough experience some sort of road rage incident -  from  a raised voice to a honk or a hand gesture - every 14 minutes, one of the most frequent rates of the cities surveyed.   
Drivers in Peterborough drive on average for 39 minutes a day, covering around 18 miles, experiencing 2.75 road rage incidents on average a day.   

Nationally, sixty-nine year old men have been labelled in the study as the worst culprits and 7.30 on a Monday morning has been identified as the most common time for road rage.

But it's what we do next that is shocking though - rather than turn the other cheek nearly half of us (47%) give as good as we get with a verbal or physical gesture.  

Impatience and bad manners are the root causes for most road rage - cutting up sends 3 out of 5 people into a rage, tail-gaters offend around half of drivers and not saying thank you bugs a further 1 in 4.   

This is why Privilege Insurance is launching C.A.R.R. - the 'Campaign Against Road Rage', in a determined effort to reduce road rage as a factor in motoring accidents.

The worst places in the UK for road rage were ranked as follows:

1    Lincoln           61%
2    Portsmouth     60%
3    Peterborough  54%
4    Hull                54%
5    Exeter            54%
6    Wolverhampton 52%
7    Bristol             51%
8    Canterbury       47%
9    Birmingham      46%
10    Leeds            46%