Peterborough's Thomas Cook Stops Tunis Excursions

19 March 2015, 16:17 | Updated: 19 March 2015, 16:26

After the terror-attack on tourists in the Tunisian capital yesterday, the Peterborough-based Thomas Cook says it's suspended all excursions to Tunis.

The firm's told Heart it continues  to monitor the situation in Tunisia, working in close collaboration with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). 

"We do not offer holidays to Tunis where the incident occurred, and the FCO does not have any restrictions in place for travel to the resorts that feature in Thomas Cook's programme at this time. Our holiday and flight programmes continues to operate as normal and normal booking conditions apply.

The safety and wellbeing of Thomas Cook customers and staff is our priority, and we would never knowingly offer holidays in destinations where we felt their safety might be compromised. Our experienced teams on the ground have confirmed that holidaymakers are continuing to enjoy their holidays in the resort areas of the country. 

Our customers' welfare remains our primary concern, and we will continue to liaise with our experienced overseas team and the FCO and update on any changes in advice as appropriate."

Thomas Cook however do offer holidays to nearby Enfida airport and resorts along the coast at Sousse. The firm has suspended all excursions to Tunis until further notice.