Pets At Home Bans Bunny Sales At Easter

16 April 2017, 06:00


By Bev Rimmer

Pets At Home has banned the sale of rabbits as spontaneous presents this Easter weekend.

They're warning the cute animals have a lot of special requirements, and shouldn't be bought on a whim.

Heart's been down to Rabbit Residence Rescue on the border of Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Their expert, Jade Bell, told us: "It's good Pets At Home are having this ban, but it should be all the time and not just at Easter.

"Rabbits are often bought as "easy" pets for children, who quickly lose interest.

"The average rabbit costs £11,000 over its lifetime. It needs good and spacious accommodation, the right food, and yearly injections.

"They can live for 12 years. It's a long time to have a pet that, effectively, needs as much care and attention as a cat or a dog."