Pilots In Cambridge 'At Risk' If New Chimney Built At Pet Crematorium

15 August 2015, 06:30 | Updated: 15 August 2015, 06:33

There's concerns that pilots in Cambridge could be at risk if a new 80ft chimney is built at a pet crematorium.

The Imperial War Museum at Duxford say the plans would have a 'significant safety impact' on planes flying into the airfield.

A spokesperson for IWM Duxford says thay are aware of the proposal to build a new 80 foot chimney at the Pet Cemetery on the A505 at Thriplow Heath.

They say, "As currently proposed, the chimney would have a significant safety impact on all aircraft flying into Duxford airfield.

"The museum is currently monitoring the planning proposals in order to ascertain any further impact it may have on airfield operations."

Vetspeed, who want to build the chimney, say "It would have no impact on the airspace at Duxford."

We're also told it's going to be used clinical and wood waste.