Sawston College Parents Stage Protest Against Cuts

22 May 2015, 06:56 | Updated: 22 May 2015, 07:04

Parents and pupils at Sawston Village College are staging a protest this morning, against cuts to free school transport.

From September - free buses will no longer run for students who live within three miles of the college.

This morning parents and children will be walking the route there, which they say is unsafe.
James Prisk is one of those parents, he has two children at the college already. He says,"Parents and many others don't believe that the route is safe and are challenging the decision. There are also issues of procedure, fairness of timescale and the heavy handed approach that Cambs County Council are employing - no discussion, no response, no consultation."
"Actually, the solutions are quite simple and straightforward, they're not very costly and would result in a truly safe walking and cycling route for pupils to Sawston VC. A bit of flexibility and pragmatism goes a long way in solving a problem but to date there has been no engagement with the community by Cambs County Council."

Cambridgeshire County Council have told us, "Stapleford and the Shelfords are less than 3 miles from Sawston Village College and as such we are not required by law to provide free transport.

"We currently provide free transport because there has been no available walking route between the villages and the school. However, we have invested a considerable amount of money in upgrading the route for pedestrians and cyclists as part of our continuing programme to encourage as many students as possible to walk and cycle to school, so free transport will be withdrawn from 1 September, subject to the outcome of any appeal hearings to be held on 16 June.

"All parents of children affected have been informed of their right of appeal."