New Signs To Prevent Drowning Installed Along Cambridgeshire's Rivers

3 June 2015, 07:05 | Updated: 3 June 2015, 07:07

A police officer has teamed up with other emergency services to devise a water safety scheme which he hopes will save lives.

Emergency services believe young people could be prevented from drowning in rivers or lakes in the county if they could pinpoint the location of incidents more quickly.

Often callers are young and don't know exactly where they are, leading to a delay in help arriving and the costly use of air support.

However, working with the fire and ambulance services, Sergeant Mike Jackman has identified risky sites that could be used by young swimmers and signs have been put up that will enable callers to precisely identify the site to emergency services control rooms.

One sign has been put up at the site where 15-year-old Rony John drowned in the river at Hartford, Huntingdon, in July last year.