Tackling Housing Crisis Would Give Cambridgeshire £100 Million

10 February 2015, 06:44 | Updated: 10 February 2015, 06:46

Cambridgeshire's economy is losing out on more than £100 million because of a lack of affordable housing.

In total the East of England would get more than £450 million and over 9,000 full-time jobs would be created or sustained if more affordable homes were built now to help tackle the housing crisis, according to the National Housing Federation.

Experts have warned that the region needs to build 8,800 affordable homes per year to keep pace with demand, yet last year just 2,480 were built - around a quarter of the number needed.

Claire Astbury, from the National Housing Federation says:
"There are simply not enough affordable homes being built in the East of England; people across the region are struggling to find the homes they need at a price they can afford. Not building the homes we're going to need represents a failing of generations to come, and a missed opportunity today.

"The numbers show that new homes are more than roofs over heads; they bring wealth to local areas and improve job prospects. That's why we're asking that politicians commit to ending the housing crisis within a generation by building more homes now."