The Expenses Of School Essentials

6 September 2018, 09:09 | Updated: 6 September 2018, 09:17

School Uniform

The cost of sending a kid back to school in Cambridgeshire could cost around £190.

That does include uniform and stationery. 

It's thought parents might have to fork out £15 more this year than last. 

Susan runs the Green School Shop in St Ives, and says: "When you think about it, your child is in school uniform eveyday during the term, so versus the cost of general clothing, school uniform does actually represent very good value for money." 

But thinks prices do vary: "A secondary school uniform can be more like £100 in this area, so I think some of these figures are quite scary, but I think once you start looking at the indpendent sector that's different. 

But those figures are not what my customers are paying for full school uniforms."