Thieves Using 'Devices' To Steal From Vans In Cambridge

27 February 2015, 10:01 | Updated: 27 February 2015, 11:20

Police say thieves in Cambridge are using 'devices' to get into vans, meaning they don't actually have to break in.

Police have told Heart "We're investigating and doing everything we can to catch those responsible.

"We would also urge people to take tools out of vans overnight and to keep vehicles on lit driveways if possible. Do anything you can to make it hard for potential thieves, such as fitting an alarm.

"We believe the thieves may be using a device that allows then entry to vans without breaking in.

"There have been 15 crimes in Cambridge in this series since Feb 10."

Detective Sergeant Graham Newton said: "We are doing everything we can to catch those responsible for these thefts but we would also encourage members of the public to be vigilant.

"Many of the offences have happened when the vans are parked and left overnight so we would encourage owners to remove valuable items at these times. It is also advisable to leave vehicles in well-lit, over-looked areas, if at all possible, and consider getting an alarm fitted.

"Anyone who sees suspicious activity around vehicles should contact police on 999."