Thousands Flock To Smell Cambridge's 'Rotting Flesh' Flower

20 July 2015, 06:03 | Updated: 20 July 2015, 06:50

It finally started to bloom on Saturday night - and thousands of visitors have been to see it.

As soon as the Titan Arum - corpse flower - started to bloom, the smell began to be emitted, and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden opened late on both Saturday night and Sunday night.

It only opens for 48 hours.

Beverly Glover, the garden's Director, told Heart "It's flowering for the first time here in 11 years.

"It produces a real mix of chemicals at night by heating itself up. Some people say it smells like rotting flesh, I think it smells like cheese that's gone off.

"It's trying to attract carrion beetles, so it's pretending to be a piece of dead meat.

"People are all amazed by it - they say it doesn't look real."