Warning For Cambridge Taxi Drivers Not Acting 'Properly'

28 July 2015, 06:21 | Updated: 28 July 2015, 06:28

Taxi drivers in Cambridge are being warned if they're not acting properly, or driving safely, they will be found out.

Cambridge City Council say over the last year, they've taken action against a number of taxi drivers whose behaviour whilst driving has been identified as falling below the standards expected.

In two cases the council revoked driver licences and in two others it suspended drivers from working for a period.

Prosecutions have also been undertaken against a range of private hire drivers caught illegally plying for hire without insurance, for which the magistrates' court has issued fines of up to £800 and penalty points on licences.

Licensing enforcement officers from the council have also interviewed drivers following complaints about poor behaviour or driving, and have inspected taxi and private hire vehicles for defects and required them to be rectified, in several cases suspending vehicles until properly repaired.

Chair of the council's Licensing Committee, Cllr Jeremy Benstead, said: "Whilst I wouldn't describe the action we have taken as a crackdown as such, it does show that we take the safety of the travelling public seriously and that we expect the taxi trade to perform to a high standard.

"People - in some cases vulnerable people - rely on safe and dependable taxi journeys and we must do what we can to make sure that this is what they can expect."

"The work of our enforcement officers, together with our colleagues in the police, is aimed at maintaining high standards and tackling those areas where we have evidence that the public is being let down. We will not shrink from making prosecutions or removing licences, if that is what it takes."