Wisbech Teen Hospitalised After "Legal High"

A 19 year-old's been left unconscious after taking a so-called "legal-high" in Wisbech.

Police say the teenager took the substance he had bought at a shop yesterday (Weds 11th Feb) and was left unconscious. The ambulance service was called and he was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.

His condition was not life threatening and he is recovering in hospital today but officers are warning about the dangers of taking drugs known as new psychoactive substances (NPS).

It is not known exactly what substance the teenager consumed but officers are investigating where it originated and have seized a batch of NPSs.

DI David Murphy said:

"These substances can be highly dangerous and people risk their life by taking them. Thankfully, this teenager's condition was not life-threatening condition, however, we would strongly urge people not to consume drugs of this type as they are not tested or approved in any way."

Although they are known as legal highs, the name is misleading because some of the substances contain illegal drugs.