Sleeps Til Santa 2017

29 November 2017, 10:00 | Updated: 21 December 2017, 10:05


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Sleeps Til Santa! So, get your vocal chords warmed up and ready for a sing song every morning in December on Heart Breakfast with Kev and Ros.

We play the song just after 7:30am and 8:30am. Below you can see a list of the area's schools introducing it and learn the words yourself!

Each day's school will be featured just after the news headlines at 7:30am and 8:30am. The approximate time of broadcast is in brackets, next to the school name.

Friday 1st

South View Primary School (7:30)

Histon & Impington Junior School (8:30)

Monday 4th

Waterbeach Community Primary School (7:30)

Duke of Bedford Primary School (8:30)

Tuesday 5th

Sawtry Junior Academy (7:30)

Caldecote Primary School (8:30)

Wednesday 6th

Cavalry Primary School (7:30)

Thorndown Primary School (8:30)

Thursday 7th

John Clare Primary School (7:30)

Willingham Primary School (8:30)

Friday 8th

Stapleford Community Primary School (7:30)

Pinchbeck East Church of England Primary School (8:30)

Monday 11th

Holme Church of England Primary School (7:30)

Great Wilbraham Church of England Primary School (8:30)

Tuesday 12th

Linton CE Infant School (7:30)

Stilton Church of England Primary School (8:30)

Wednesday 13th

Fourfields Community Primary School (7:30)

Great Chesterford Church of England Primary Academy (8:30)

Thursday 14th

R. A. Butler Infant and Junior Academy (7:30)

St Gilberts Church of England Primary School (8:30)

Friday 15th

Linchfield Community Primary School (7:30)

Burwell Village College Primary School (8:30)

Monday 18th

Little Thetford Church of England Primary School (7:30)

Bury Church of England Primary School (8:30)

Tuesday 19th

New Road Primary School (7:30)

Earith Primary School (8:30)

Wednesday 20th

The Lantern Community Primary School (7:30)

Heltwate School (8:30)

Thursday 21st

Manea Community Primary School (7:30)

Huntingdon Primary School (8:30)

Friday 22nd

Granta School (7:30)

Orchards Church of England Primary School (8:30)

Sunday 24th

Hampton Hargate Primary School (12:20 & 14:20)

Learn the words...

XX sleeps to go,

XX sleeps til Santa,

XX sleeps til the big fat fella,

Comes down your chimney,

And brings you presents,

And drinks your beer,

XX sleeps til Santa!