Fans notice a crazy detail about the Home Alone house and are mind-blown it took this long to realise

19 December 2019, 14:49 | Updated: 19 December 2019, 15:01

Home Alone fans can't help but notice the colour scheme
Home Alone fans can't help but notice the colour scheme. Picture: 20th Century Fox

Sure, the film is 28 years old, but we're still only just noticing new things about it.

Home Alone is one of the firm favourites when it comes to Christmas films.

Whether you've watched it 5 times or 500, it seems that it's the gift that keeps on giving, as fans are only just starting to notice something to do with Kevin McCallister's family home.

Eagled-eyed watchers have noticed that the whole abode - and that's one giant place they've got there - is completely decked out in red and green.

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Every room, every furnishing, every ornament - red or green.

Even the landline phone - green.

But it doesn't end there; even Little Nero's pizza delivery driver is decked out in the seasonal colours.

Either Kate McCallister is a serious Christmas fiend and spends her entire winter months kitting out her giant house in all things green and red - or she's one hell of a colour coordinated lady all year round.

Either way, we're pretty impressed.