'Allot' Of Good?

A new community allotment project is being launched in Colchester today as part of plans to improve people's mental and physical health.

It's the first time such a scheme has been introduced - the plot is on Harwich Road.

Alix Sheppard, Health Champion Volunteer Co-ordinator, said: “We want to transform the allotment into an urban oasis where fresh produce can be grown and harvested. It needs a bit of work doing on it but there’s great scope to transform it and, in doing so, give people the opportunity to benefit from the physical exercise involved and the therapeutic advantages which this sort of work can bring to people. Importantly, it will also make people more aware of the advantages of fresh produce.

“We are working in partnership on this project with Open Road Colchester and Colchester Borough Council and hoe that members of the community will join us to share knowledge, fun, hard work and fresh vegetable!”.”

 The allotment is on Harwich Road just past Goring Road, Anyone who would like to know more about the project can telephone 0800 731 3133 or email colchester.digs.it@googlemail.com

Health Trainers and Community Health Champions are targeting lifestyle related health inequalities with hard to reach people in communities. Health Trainers aim to support people to make healthier choices and adopt healthier lifestyles. NHS North East Essex plans to have 450 volunteer Health Champions working in the community by 2011.