Clacton Seawall Damaged

9 February 2010, 00:00

A small area of Clacton's Lower promenade has been sectioned off with railings while investigations are carried out into a wall which has become unstable.

Following the snow and icy weather large cracks have appeared in the retaining wall below the ladies' toilets between Pier Gap and the Atlanta Café.

A two metre exclusion zone out from the wall - and around 15 metres in length - has been created with railings and orange plastic fencing to keep people away and protect the public.

Specialist consultants have now been called in to carry out further investigations and come up with a number of options on the way forward.

Carlo Guglielmi, Cabinet Member for Technical and Procurement Services at Tendring District Council (TDC), said that there was still plenty of access along this busy part of the Lower Promenade.

"People can still walk along this stretch close to the Pier and Atlanta Café but we have sectioned off this small area to keep them away from the wall itself," he said.

"The problem was spotted after the heavy snow this winter. The large fall melted and the water has seeped through affecting the stability of the structure."

Signs have been put up warning people of the unstable wall and asking them to keep outside the railings.

"Hopefully we can identify what needs to be done and deal with this issue and avoid further problems," added Cllr Guglielmi.

"It may need temporary supports or a false wall built in front of the existing retaining wall but we will wait for the experts' advice."

Cllr Guglielmi said that every effort would be made to avoid work in the main summer season if possible.

Stephen Mayzes, Cabinet Member for Leisure at TDC, agreed that the problem needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

"It is vital that we protect our seafront and promenades as they are an integral part of what we offer and are enjoyed by our visitors and residents alike," he added.