Clacton Water Fountain To Re-Open

Clacton's water fountain is going to be switched back on in time for Easter.

It's previously been in the headlines after concerns about the water quality forced the feature to shut down.

Late last year the council then reopened the fountain but it had to be surrounded by fencing to ensure people didn't attempt to get into it.

In the last week, tests have been carried out which will hopefully move towards a situation where the barriers can be taken down for good.

Carlo Guglielmi from Tendring District Council said: "Cabinet has looked at a lot of option as to how this can be brought about and it is our intention to achieve this as soon as possible.

"In the past week or so tests have been carried out involving a new way in which we can operate the feature without the perimeter fencing - but also reducing the opportunity for water to be ingested, particularly by children."

The new system will involve CCTV to detect people movement in the water fountain itself.

Once the system is set up it can be linked to the fountain's control system to lower the jets when people enter a specific zone.

The council hopes the new system will be fully in place ahead of the start of the main season.