Grieving Mum Gets Wish

A Colchester mum has finally got the one thing she's been wanting ever since her young son's death four years ago - a headstone for his grave.

Bill Knight had been playing football in the back yard of his house when a brick wall collapsed on him, killing him instantly. Despite his death being nearly four years ago he still doesn't have a headstone at Colchester Cemetery.

His Mum Kelly has spoken to Heart and told us people who lose other family members can get funding and help towards paying for their graves, but she can't, because it was a tragic accident.

After Heart featured her story on Thursday, an anonymous donor got in touch to say they'd like to help Kelly and pay for the headstone.  Hunnabel's Funeral Directors also contacted us to lend their support.

When we broke the news to Kelly she told Heart it was like "winning the lottery".