Mum Just Wants To Lay Son To Rest

11 February 2010, 06:38

A Colchester Mum whose son died in a tragic accident four years ago is pleading for help to finally put him to rest.

Bill was 6 when he died. He'd been playing football in the back yard at his house when a brick wall collapsed on him, killing him instantly. Despite his death being nearly four years ago he still doesn't have a headstone at Colchester Cemetery.

His Mum Kelly has spoken to Heart and told us people who lose other family members can get funding and help towards paying for their graves, but she can't, because it was a tragic accident.

Now Kelly's appealing for any help or advice people can give her, so she can finally lay her son to rest. She told us her eldest son; who is 8 years old, won't visit his brothers' grave as the sight is too sad, and she would see the headstone as the end of an era - giving her closure and allowing her to grieve.

If you can help Kelly, please contact Heart, and we'll pass on your details.