Teenager Saves Newborn Piglets' Bacon!

Two newborn piglets have been found at a bottle bank in a supermarket car park in Essex.

The pair were hidden inside the coat of a man who allegedly threatened to hurt them in an Asda car park, according to their rescuers.

But one of the teenagers who found the piglets decided to step in to save their bacon.

He tucked them up in blankets in a cardboard box overnight before handing them over to the RSPCA the next morning.

The RSPCA have no idea how the two-week-old piglets ended up outside Asda in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, last Friday.

Due to their tiny size they would have died of dehydration during the weekend's hot spell if they had been abandoned.

RSPCA inspector Steve Craddock said: "My initial thought was that these piglets must have been stolen as they are too young to have escaped from a smallholding.

"However, I have contacted both the police and Defra and neither have any reports of stolen or missing pigs.

"It might be that nobody has realised the piglets are missing. Someone may have not noticed that a couple of piglets from a litter of about 13 have gone.

"The piglets can't have been away from their mother for long though. Less than 72 hours I would say as, at that age, they would probably have died from dehydration if they had been away from their mother for any longer.''

The piglets are now being cared for at a private boarding facility.