Wivenhoe Town Locked Out Of Grounds

11 March 2010, 08:36 | Updated: 11 March 2010, 08:39

Wivenhoe Town Football Club have agreed that they'll offer a rent contribution to try and keep Broad Lane as their ground.

Around 50 people turned out to a public meeting last night to discuss the future of the club.

They've been locked out by owners The Wivenhoe and District Sporting Facilities Trust, who say they owe nearly 10 thousand pounds after signing a contract. They allege no money has been paid towards rent since August 2008, when Wivenhoe Town faced financial difficulties, although they admit they had entered an agreement to provide the club with a 'rent contribution holiday' until February 2009.

The Trust also claim that by not paying the rent, WTFC are jeopardising funding secured to develop the site and they are putting future use of the site at risk for all users.

The club claim its not true that they signed into a contract and deny they owe £10,000. But they have agreed they will pay a contribution towards rent, although the value they are proposing is yet to be decided.