Cornish Women Helps Children In Africa

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has killed thirty million people worldwide since it was first publicised in the 1980s. 

Some of the facts below show how terrible it is. 

Every 2 seconds someone dies and every 6 seconds someone is infected. 

Many of us will remember the adverts on TV that caused a wave of fear. 

Some say the ads also meant that the disease left sufferers stigmatised. 

What a great majority of us in the western world do not realise is the level of infection that has spread across the African continent. 

South Africa is one of the worst hit countries. 

Hundreds of thousands of families have been decimated by HIV/AIDS leaving children without any relatives. 

One Cornish woman was touched so deeply by a television documentary about this disaster that she dedicated her life to helping the kids of the Orange Farm Settlement. 

Annette Montague-Thomas is a holistic registered medical herbalist. 

She travels to South Africa every month to help thousands of children left without mums and dads. She also treats adults suffering with the disease. 

She uses herbal therapies to boost immune systems and gives love to thousands who have lost everyone and everything they have ever known. 

She is now battling to raise money for a care centre on the outskirts of Orange Farm - and has even mortgaged her own home to pay for it. 

Now in this interview with Heart, she reveals the depth of the grim circumstances she is working with, and how we can help. 

We warn you, this interview can be difficult to listen to. 





If you would like to help Contact: 


58 Fairmantle Street 



TR1 2EG 

Reg Charity No: 1107629 S.A reg: N.P.O.061-161