Falmouth Beach Covered In Litter

12 September 2018, 15:25 | Updated: 12 September 2018, 15:29

A pile of bin bags, bits of plastic and empty food jars have been scattered over Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth.

It’s part of a new campaign by Cornwall Council to show the impact that rubbish is having on our environment.

#LitterlessCornwall aims to get people to pledge to keep Cornwall beautiful and leave only their footprints.

Cornwall Council says it spends more than £5m every year on cleaning streets and beaches, with workers covering 40,000 miles annually – almost twice the distance around the world.

Around 40% of people in Cornwall say despite those efforts, they are not satisfied with how clean their streets are.

Adam Paynter, Leader of Cornwall Council, said: “The people of Cornwall are sick of litter and they are fed up of paying to clean up other people’s mess. Despite
the fact littering is illegal and carries a fine of £150, some antisocial people are still dropping their rubbish.

“Litter is a blight on Cornwall but it’s not something we can tackle alone. By taking a pledge to leave only footprints, you will be saying enough is enough - Cornwall
won’t put up with litter anymore.”

Councillor Sue James said: “Litter is a stain on our beautiful countryside and beaches, it pollutes the environment and it is a danger to Cornish wildlife. It also costs
a lot of taxpayer’s money to clean up – money that could be spent delivering other vital services.

“The solution is simple. If you love Cornwall, sign the pledge to show you care. If you’re out and about, bag and bin your rubbish, making sure you leave only footprints.”