Falmouth Teacher Heads to India

2 June 2014, 15:56 | Updated: 2 June 2014, 15:58

A teacher at Falmouth school is hoping to raise £1,000 so she can help teachers in India.

Lizzie Wadling teaches Expressive Arts and English at Falmouth School, and she's planning a month long trip to India this summer to teach other teachers there new ideas and strategies.

She tells Heart that she wants to travel in order to expand possibilities for children across the world.

The ways in which children are taught in countries like India are often blackboard led, without any creative outlet for the children.

Lizzie says "there might be issues of students who were involved in conflict, and art can be a really good way for them to deal with those emotions".

She's hoping to take art equipment and posters with her, to make improvements to the schools which are often very bare.

Whilst in India, she'll hold a conference for about 100 teachers, giving them new ways to engage the children.

To fund her month long trip, she needs to raise £1,000 for flights and accommodation - of which she's already raised about a third, after taking part in a charity run.

Lizzie has set up a crowd funding page, where people can pledge their support for her trip.

She says that anyone who pledges support will receive a postcard or small gift from the children she teaches in India.

Click here to support Lizzie's project www.crowdfunder.co.uk/Education-India