Final Whistle Blows for Truro Players

In less than 24 hours players at Truro City FC could exercise their right to leave the club

Players at Truro City Football club could walk out tomorrow if they still don't receive their wages 

The club's having financial problems, despite players themselves climbing the football ladder, gaining five promotions from the South Western League to the Conference South - they're now just two leagues below Plymouth Argyle. 

But in a difficult last season the club was brought before the High Court over unpaid tax bills and issued with a transfer embargo. 

Heart's learnt Chairman Kevin Heaney is reportedly in talks with investors in London....

But if a deal isn't reached by 10am Thursday it could see the future of Truro City in serious trouble - if finances aren't available to pay players they could exercise their right to leave the club; equally there'll be no cash to afford operating costs for away games, as well as support other staff members.

Players bought the club and investors an extra week by submitting their league registrations on August 2nd - without doing so the club would have been charged and probably thrown out of the league. 

Fans say all the hard work put in by the team will go to waste if a deal can't be agreed