'First To A Million'

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has created a new interactive film, 'First to a Million' which focuses on young people who post video content to sites like YouTube, highlighting how quickly things can spiral out of control and where they can get help if it does. 

Some images and videos have been seized by police in the collections of child sex offenders in other parts of the UK. 

The launch event saw the new film being presented to secondary school children in Plymouth as part of an interactive session - They were given pointers on the rights and wrongs of posted on social network sites such as YouTube. 

Many didn't realise that its illegal to post any sexually explicit material of under-18s anywhere on the internet and the posters and video takers could get in trouble with police. 

LISTEN HERE: Heart's Andy Ballantyne gets students reaction.

They were also unaware of how to stop material appearing on adult sites or being ripped and how they can contact website operators to get videos removed. 

The video showed how a group of friends became split due to their actions but how each individual coped and how they found help. 

It's hoped most youngsters caught out in this way will turn to either their parents or a teacher to get help. 

There's also free confidential help from CEOP: http://www.ceop.police.uk/