Ghostnet washes up on North Cornwall beach

14 November 2018, 10:06 | Updated: 14 November 2018, 10:12

A massive ghost net full of dead fish has been washed-up on a beach in North Cornwall.

To make sure that it would not get swept back out to sea a member of the public had dragged the large net up the beach at Porthcothan. 

It was packed full of dogfish and 10 small cat sharks. 

Ghostnets are a form of plastic that takes hundreds of years to degrade and while floating in the sea can trap and entangle fish, sharks and turtles. 

Emily Stevenson is from Beach Guardian, they campaign on environmental issues and organise beach cleans in Cornwall. 

She went out in the poor weather and filmed herself inspecting the remains found in the net, after being told by volunteers what had happened. 

Emily then filmed what she had found and said the remains will be taken away and inspected, to give a full account of how many fish have died in the net.