Hospital Comes Off Black Alert

25 February 2015, 16:27 | Updated: 25 February 2015, 16:29

Health and Care services in Cornwall are no longer on Black Alert, but parts of the Royal Cornwall Hospital remain under high pressure.

Black Alert status has been in place for over a week now, with hospital bosses asking people to only use A&E in an emergency.

As a whole, the NHS health and care system in Cornwall has stepped down from black alert, but parts of the Royal Cornwall hospital are still struggling and do remain on black alert.

More staff were drafted in to work in the A&E department, and hospital bosses say it is now coping well.

The whole system has had it's alert system reduced to red.

NHS Kernow Governing Body member Dr Iain Chorlton said "During the past week the health and care system has faced significant and sustained pressure. Although it remains under pressure, a decision has been made to reduce the whole system alert level from black. We want to thank staff across the whole health and social care system for their work to get people safely discharged hospital, with an increase in the number of packages of care being delivered and a reduction in the number of cancelled operations.  

"Although we are no longer on black, we will continue the intensity of working together to ensure safe, high quality services. We would like to thank the public for using alternative services and only using the emergency department when they need urgent care. Please continue to call NHS 111 or visit for details of other services.

"The reasons for the unprecedented demand are complex, but what's clear is that we must continue with our plans to create an integrated and sustainable system. Partners have been working collaboratively and these new ways of working must now become embedded as everyday working. We are also going to continue to work together in a control room at Royal Cornwall Hospital during the next seven days. These revised measures will remain in force until 3 March when we next aim to review the whole system status."