Hundreds To Join Walk With Walnut

12 November 2016, 06:08 | Updated: 12 November 2016, 06:35

A beloved pet is taking his last walk, joined by hundreds of dog lovers.

An 18 year old Whippet is taking his last walk before being put to sleep.

Walnut's owner Mark Woods put an appeal on Facebook for people to join him, Walnut, and their other dogs for a final walk - which has now attracted attention from around the world.

Sadly Walnut is being euthanaised this weekend, and they're having a last walk together on Porth Beach - Walnut's favourite local beach. 

Mark says there's been a lot of attention on social media, with people sharing the hashtag #walkwithwalnut, and thousands of people liking his posts about Walnut. 

They're meeting at 9.30 this morning, and hundreds of dog lovers are due to join them.

People from across the world have been sharing pictures of their dogs on social media, telling Mark they'll be taking them for a walk at 9.30 this morning.