Lucky Escape After Wall Fall

A 23 year old Newquay man is lucky to be alive, after plunging 15 foot from safety railings onto a concrete pavement.

At 1.20am in the early hours of the 26th of June, the man climbed the railings at Chy bar on Beach Road , and fell head first onto the road below.

Luckily he only injured his wrist, but police have released CCTV footage of the accident to highlight the unneccesary dangers people put themselves in whilst on a night out.

The man says he has no memory of what happened, and has agreed for the CCTV footage to be used as a warning to others.

Keep your eye on the blue lighted area at the top of the video.




From next week a team of 12 Police officers will patrol the streets of the popular summer resort, to stop anti-social behaviour and drunken disorder.

Last week officers confiscated 370 bottles and cans of booze from a group of 16-year-olds.


It's all part of the re-launch of the No Nonsense Campaign, as police in Newquay prepare for the influx of post-exam revellers.

Last year the campaign, launched as Newquay Safe, saw 104 people banned from the town centre and a 30 per cent drop in antisocial behaviour.  

Criminal damage also fell by 9 per cent.

Police are using the video to warn people of the dangers they put themselves in after drinking excessively.