Minion's Road Sign Removed

2 October 2015, 12:34

The famous movie characters share their name with a Cornish village on Bodmin Moor

But council officials have taken down the quirky road sign, after reports too many drivers were pulling over to take photos.

The road sign has become quite an attraction with some locals saying it put Minions on the map.

Ayshea took to twitter calling for the sign to be reinstated...
@Minions our local road sign has been removed! We need your help to get it reinstated!


Cornwall council however, have also taken to twitter to say "The sign was always meant to be temporary, belongs to the film company & we are returning it as agreed."

The Minions movie tells the story of Stuart, Kevin and Bob as they search for their new master.

It is the prequel to the Despicable Me films.