Online Therapy To Help Depression

28 October 2015, 06:00

Research In Cornwall Into Online Therapy To Help Depression

'IMPROVE' is a study to increase the effectiveness of online therapy for depression.

The study is already underway involving BeMe, the primary mental health care service, based in Cornwall and the University of Exeter.

Participants are given free access to internet cognitive-behaviour therapy and support from a trained practitioner. The aim is to improve the effectiveness, particularly long-term of online therapy.

It's hoped it'll help to build stronger, more effective online treatments, that are widely available to people living in rural areas.

Clinical Psychologist Ed Watkins says "public transport isn't always great, if you have to get to a face to face scheduled session between 9am and 5pm, that can be difficult".

Over 50% of patients currently go on to have a further episode of depression, and it's hoped this research will not only find therapies that work, but which people enjoy.

You can find out more on how to take part here