Palm Pledges Across Devon And Cornwall

NSPCC It's Time: Our call for support for children who've been abused


Palm pledges will be on social media with a helping hand to a national day of action to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.

The campaign aims to encourage people in all walks of life to speak out against CSE by writing a message of support on their palm and posting a photo on social media under the #helpinghands hashtag. 

Chief Constable, Shaun Sawyer, said: "We must ensure that both the public and support services are clear and proactive in spotting the warning signs of this type of abuse and that victims are encouraged to come forward and get help. 

"Raising awareness around child sexual exploitation is of the highest importance to me. I am giving my full support to this initiative." 

CSE involves young people and children being 'groomed' and sexually exploited. 

It can take many forms, such as through an apparently 'consensual' relationship with an older person, or a young person having sex in return for attention, gifts, cigarettes and/or alcohol. 

It can occur via the use of technology, for example a child being persuaded to post inappropriate images onto the internet. 

On average, it takes seven years for children to disclose sexual abuse because they have no-one they trust to turn to, no-one listens to them or no-one notices the warning signs. 

Devon and Cornwall Police is working to inform and educate people around this form of child abuse and encourages victims to come forward and report abuse. 

Frontline officers, support agencies, teachers and carers, have been trained to spot warning signs of grooming and exploitation. 

For further information and advice about CSE, including how to spot the warning signs, how to get help and how to report it visit: or for further about the campaign visit: 

For help contact: NSPCC at: or telephone: 0808 800 5000 Barnados at: