Peaceful end to Truro stand-off

17 October 2018, 18:06 | Updated: 17 October 2018, 18:13

A man in his forties has been detained after a 28-hour stand-off between him and Devon and Cornwall police came to a peaceful end.

It all started on Tuesday 16th October aroudn 10:15am when the man found himself on the roof of buildings in George Street. 

Police quickly surrounded the area but as they tried to approach the man he ripped up roof tiles and started throwing them on the street below and at officers. 

He spent all night on the roof with George Street, Ferris Town and Richmond Hill all closed for trafffic. 

None of the residents in neighbouring properties were told to keep indoors and were escorted by police if necessary. 

On 24-hours it seemed as though a breakthrough had occurred when he climbed down from the roof - But he then walked along a wall to the roof of an adjoining property. 

Police had intermittent contact with the man and an aerail platform was brought in to make sure he didn't injure himself. 

At around 2pm, police could be heard telling the man to 'stay where he was', before a eight foot ladder was propped up against a wall. 

The man lept to the ground where he was detained by officers. 

He was taken away for a medical assessment to see if he is fit for interview and if any charges will be brought agaisnt him. 

Cornwall Housing are assessing the damage to the roof and if it's safe for people to stay there. 

The emergency services have thanked nearby cafes for the tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches given to them.