Penzance Father's Cure For Mental Health

26 June 2017, 13:55 | Updated: 26 June 2017, 14:02

Running anxiety


A Penzance father, who cured his depression and anxiety by taking up trail running, is offering counselling and coaching to help others with similar issues.

Andrew Phillips, a builder by trade, took up running the Cornish coastal path when he was experiencing difficulty facing everyday life, often finding it a challenge to leave the house. 

Running became his meditation and now Andrew has decided that he should use his skills to help and coach others. 

It started when a friend of his experienced mental health problems and Andrew suggested a coached run as a means of breaking the mental chains. 

After, his friend progressed to make a full recovery; Andrew then decided it was time to use his skills and help coach others. 

Andrew doesn't just deal with the super fit he can help anyone who wants to be helped. 

He said: "There is no technique or mind training involved, or finding peoples triggers and trawling through your past. 

"We just help to give people the understanding of how their mind works, and that everything you need is right there with-in yourself. 

"We enable you to just live your life." 

Mother of three Sarah Newing came to Andrew suffering from anxiety, depression and panic attacks. 

Sarah said: "Meeting Andrewhas helped me beyond words. "With his support and guidance, he's shown me how to deal with my anxiety head and not let it control my life. "It's been very life changing for me." 

He offers one to one coaching, group coaching sessions and running retreats. 

With 68 miles of coastline to run in west Cornwall there are plenty of opportunities to clear the mind and focus on the here and now. 

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