Supersonic Car On Display In Cornwall

29 September 2015, 11:07 | Updated: 29 September 2015, 11:47

A model of the Bloodhound is on display at Newquay Aerohub, where the real thing will be fully tested next year.

It's part of a two day Cornwall Expo where up to a thousand people are expected to visit the hangar, showcasing transport and business investment in the Duchy. 

The actual land speed racer, which is currently on display at Canary Wharf in London, can cover a mile in just 3.6 seconds. 

Bloodhound's aim is to beat the current land speed record of 763 miles per hour (1,228km/h) set by another British car, Thrust SSC at Black Rock Desert in Nevada in 1997. 

The new machine's due to be fully tested at Newquay Aerohub and then start running next year on a special track that's been prepared for it in South Africa. 

The aim eventually is to push the record above 1,000mph (1,610km/h). 

It's taken eight years of research, design and manufacturing but it's still not completely finished - its rocket system is yet to be fitted - one of three power units in the car - and is still missing key parts like air brakes. 

To protect the British Bloodhound supersonic car, which Andy Green will be piloting in a record-breaking attempt later this year, the team has developed special panels that are effectively bulletproof; even a tiny pebble could have devastating consequences for a vehicle travelling at up to 1,000mph. The panels have been constructed from millions of woven glass fibres that intentionally fray and soak up energy when hit by a fast-moving projectile.